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Join the community that allows you to share, network, and connect with confidence.

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CompanyTrader is committed to making the process of buying or selling a small to mid-sized business into a simple and secure transaction.

Technology has revolutionized business transactions at all levels, however, it is still conducted at relationship levels and developed between people. Establishing trust is the most significant component of relationship building that can lead to completed deals and future business.

Experience and knowledge are valuable assets, however, it is trust and integrity that lead to a win-win result for everyone involved.

CompanyTrader will bring added recognition and reward to deserving members who establish and uphold trust by posting testimonials and success stories.

Social media sites are one way to start interactions that lead to business connections that could be of benefit in the present or set-up for the future. CompanyTrader recognizes that exchanging information is an act of trust. We will not share or sell your data to third-party marketers.

In addition, our social media spaces will be used to promote our members giving them unparalleled value. We are offering a free trial package to start without hidden fees or contracts with the ability to cancel your membership for any reason. CompanyTrader is doing things differently.

Join the community that allows you to share, network and connect with confidence.